Make sure that a bridesmaid or two know how to fix your bustle before the reception.

Make sandwiches or rolls the night before or have food delivered to your prep location. The day will be busy and it's good to make sure you get to eat at some point.

Always allot more time than you think is necessary for hair and makeup, and plan to be done with both no later than 45 minutes before you need to leave.  The greatest cause of you being late is hair and makeup running over time.

Have a bridal emergency kit. Some examples: clear nail polish, stain remover, dental floss, double-sided tape, bobby pins, safety pins, mints, a sewing kit, tissues, pain reliever, sanitary items, lip gloss and deodorant.

Have a rain plan. If the 5-day forecast calls for rain, buy some cute clear, white or vibrantly coloured umbrellas for you and your bridal party - they make for amazing images if it does rain a little. Leave the tags on, and if it doesn't rain you can always return them!


Please plan to have any little details that you'd like to be photographed with you and ready to go for my arrival, as I will start with those as you finish up with hair and makeup.  This may entail coordinating with your bridal party or family members who will be with you as you get ready. Refer to the list of suggested items below to help gather the items that you'd like photographed the morning of your wedding. Of course, if there are any other things not on this list that are special to you, include them as well.

Bride's and bridesmaids' dresses (on pretty or at least all the same hangers, if possible)

Rings (both engagement and wedding bands.  Get your engagement ring cleaned professionally a few days before the wedding to ensure it looks amazing in the pics)

Bride's and bridesmaids' shoes

Bride's jewellery

Bride's perfume

Bride's headpiece/veil

Bouquets and boutonnieres (have them delivered to the prep location before we arrive so they can be photographed at their freshest)

Stationary (If you have a spare invite, it is always nice to have a photo of it.)

Any gifts given to the bridesmaids and groomsmen

Bride's garter (if doing a garter/bouquet toss)

Any gifts or letters to be exchanged between bride and groom (don't open until we arrive to photograph it)

Any special heirlooms or keepsakes

Your something old, new, borrowed and blue


Every wedding is different and every family is different.  A list of formal images is vital to ensuring we capture all of those people who are important to you and who have helped make your day super special.  The list can be a simple immediate family members only or a more complex one including work teams, neighbours, home town friends etc.

A basic sample list might look like (please use actual names though - allows us to call out names and we can get through your list as quickly and efficiently as possible):

Bride and groom with:

1) Brides Parents

2) Grooms Parents

3) Both sets of parents

4) Brides Grandparents

5) Grooms Grandparents

6) Both sets of Grandparents

7) Brides Parents and Grand Parents

8) Brides Parents, Grand Parents and Siblings 

8a) As Above include Sibling Partners

9) Grooms Parents and Grand Parents

10) Grooms Parents, Grand Parents and Siblings 

10a) As Above include Sibling Partners

11) Brides immediate family

12) Grooms immediate family

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